01奖项宗旨Award purpose

GHDA环球人居设计大奖(Global Habitat Design Awards)旨在表彰在全球范围内获得良好口碑的人居设计项目。通过严格和高质量的评选标准,发掘杰出的人居设计案例,推动世界美好人居环境的进步。

The Global Habitat Design Awards (GHDA) aims to recognize habitat design projects that have gained a good reputation worldwide. Through strict andhigh-quality selection criteria, GHDA hopes to discover outstanding habitat design and advance the progress of a better living environment in the world.


Awinning project should have the following characteristics:
01.It should have the cutting-edge habitat design concept and leads the habitat design ideas.
02.The design of such habitat space as architecture, landscape, and the interior mustbe original with artistic beauty based on humanized demands.
03.The project should adopt the innovative applications of intelligence, new technologies,new materials, etc. to improve the living experience of users with the people-oriented concept.

04评选流程Selection Process

GHDA环球人居设计奖(Global Habitat Design Awards)评委由国内外各大知名地产开发单位的设计负责人担任,评选流程分为初评和终评两部分。

The final review committee of the GHDA are of the major domestic and foreign real estate developmentcompanies or regional design directors. The selection process is divided into two steps, that is, preliminary evaluation and final evaluation.


The preliminary evaluation will be conducted by the senior designer jury panel of the GHDA committee. The final evaluation will be carried out by the jury panel including themajor domestic and foreign real estate development companies or regional design directors who will select the shortlisted projects. Finally, the projects willcompete for the Gold Awards and Silver Awards of different categories.


GHDA环球人居设计大奖(Global Habitat Design Awards)奖项共分为建筑设计、景观设计、室内设计、文旅设计、城市更新、综合类六大方向,包含18个类别,每个类别设置金奖、银奖、优秀奖三个奖项(年度杰出设计企业和设计师除外),奖项数量根据申报总数按比例设置。

GHDA awards are classified into six directions, i.e. architectural design,landscape design, interior design, cultural tourism design, urban renewal.including 18 categories. Each category has three awards: Gold Awards, Silver Awards, and Excellence Awards.



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05申报单位Cooperative unit